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Rutgers Community Arts

Vision Statement

Individuals of all ages and ability levels that join Rutgers Community Arts will find themselves part of an educational community where they will…

  • Discover and achieve their full potential.
  • Experience artistry at every level of instruction.
  • Gain new tools to communicate/express themselves more fully.
  • Grow in their appreciation of all arts, not only their chosen emphasis.

Additionally, we will aim to provide students of exceptional ability with access to advanced level training suitable to their needs.

Core Beliefs

We believe that the arts…

  • Are central to human experience and key to an individual’s personal development.
  • Connect people to one another in profoundly personal, meaningful, and impactful ways, providing a means for individuals, communities to engage with one another across boundaries.
  • Are transformative in their impact upon individuals, communities, and cultures.
  • Enable communion with ideas, concepts, and sensibilities that continue to shape history.
  • Have a collateral impact upon other areas of a person’s life—academic accomplishment, social growth, and world-view.

We believe that arts education…

  • Is vital for an individual’s emotional, intellectual, and social development.
  • Motivates outstanding artistic achievement, which in turn motivates similar accomplishment in other areas of life and education.
  • Should ideally start at as early an age as possible an continue throughout one’s life with the goal of life-long learning, participation, and enjoyment of the arts.
  • Emphasizes learning through knowledge and skill acquisition, while cultivating the imagination and individuality.