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XHP Selects in collaboration with Pingry Big Blue Summer, and Pulse Sports have created the ultimate multi-sport, full-day summer camp based around hockey.  With hockey being the primary focus of this camp, the hockey portion is scheduled in the mornings out of the Bridgewater Sports Arena.  This leaves the afternoons wide open for other sports and academic options that will take place on The Pingry School’s campus in Basking Ridge, NJ.


Bryce Salvador, the program director for XHP Selects Hockey, knows how important multi-sports are in the development of a well-rounded athlete. He feels that in partnering with Pingry Big Blue Summer and Pulse Sports,  that families and hockey players alike can achieve developmental success while not sacrificing important hockey training in the summer months.


Studies show that the athletes who play more sports when growing up tend to excel at playing hockey at later stages.  There are plenty of cross-sport skills that can be acquired when young that can be applied to the sport of hockey.  Hockey players can learn or enhance their hand-eye coordination, balance, endurance, explosion, communication, intelligence, or athletic agility by participating in a variety of sports.   Through this varied participation, children not only become better athletes but also suffer fewer overuse injuries and less burnout.

As noted by USA Hockey, in 2015, the International Olympic Committee made its boldest statement yet on youth athletic development:

“Empirical evidence shows that a diversity of activities in early development is an indicator of continued involvement in more intense activities later in life, elite performance and continued participation in sport.”


Whether your interests beyond hockey lie in other sports, academics, arts, technology, or a little bit of everything, this partnership prides itself on providing a camp curriculum for your child with countless, selectable options in addition to hockey.

At XHP Selects we want to be a part of the developmental solution that encourages multi-sport and community participation for young athletes while keeping sports fulfilling and enjoyable. With these partnerships we are now able to provide a comprehensive, full-day multifaceted summer camp with exceptional instruction and diverse experiences!

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