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Big Blue Summer Swim Intensive Program (Swimming)

Basking Ridge
Rising Grades PreK - 12
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30-minute AM and PM sessions
Signature Program
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$185/ week

Camp Description

Our Big Blue Summer Swim Intensive program is a great way to fast-track your child’s swimming abilities. Parents may sign up for any week or weeks that best fit  their busy summer schedules. Swimming five days in a row helps athletes to retain and develop their skills in small group classes with trained instructors that they will love in the level that is designed for advancement. 

Swim Level Details

P1 Level  – Beginners/Intro (Pre-K – 12):  learn basic front/back skills including arm and leg actions, floating and gliding. Safety in and around the water, plus shallow and deep water will be explored in the 30 minute lesson.

P2 Level  – Advanced Beginners/Intermediates (Pre – K – 12):  Independent swimmers will work on improving technique, endurance and diving plus an introduction to swim turns in a 30 minute lesson. All students must be able to swim the full length of the pool independently.

P3 Level  – Advanced/Pre-Team (Pre-K – 12): This swimmer will improve their timing and technique and keep in shape over the summer to prep for swim team. Each class will focus on a different strokes and techniques in this one-hour long class for advanced swimmers capable of swimming all four competitive strokes.

Level 1: (3:1) (Pre-K – 12) TRANSFORM: This class is designed toward a first time swimmer providing a solid beginner base. Areas of focus: Breath control, supported floating, submerging and pool entrances and exits. This level will promote water confidence, independence and safety.

Level 2A: (3:1) (Pre-K – 12) ADAPT:  Swimmers will continue to develop basic swimming skills to become stronger and more confident in the water. Areas of focus: breath control, buoyancy, supported kicking & paddling, submerging, and the fundamentals of proper body positions are the key skills for the beginner swimmer.

Level 2B: (4:1) (Pre-K – 12)  BALANCE & BREATH: This level will be a continuation of beginner swimmer skills: learn breath exchange for unassisted swimming and floating. Prone gliding, paddling, kicking, and finding their float positions are the focus, turning to back float unassisted and water stamina.  Elementary backstroke and freestyle are introduced.

Level 2C: (4:1) (Pre-K – 12) TRANSITION:  Learning builds on previous skills this class will be a continuation of beginner skills including basic freestyle and backstroke.  Students should be able to swim independently under control and switch to elementary backstroke for the length of the pool without assistance. Backstroke is refined and long axis swimming skills are introduced. Students will begin to learn freestyle with and without assistance. Treading water is developed for endurance.

Level 3A: (4:1)   (Pre-K – 12) ADVANCE:  As a swimmer becomes more experienced, advanced swimming strokes are introduced. Rotary breathing, long axis drills for freestyle, and backstroke are the focus for this level. Students will also be introduced to short axis strokes including breaststroke kick and body dolphins. Diving is introduced.

Level 3B: (4:1)  (Pre-K – 12) STRENGTH & CONFIDENCE: The focus of this level is on developing efficiency for the racing swimmer. Swimmers will become more proficient in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, while being introduced to the core fundamentals of butterfly. Advanced coordination drills are introduced for fluid mechanics.

Level 4: (5:1) (Pre-K – 12) INTRODUCTION: This program will introduce the swimmers to the many benefits of swim team participation. The program is geared to build strength and endurance while instilling the value of positive competition. Interval training workouts are implemented while still developing proficient freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Starts, turns and finishes are introduced and refined.

Level 5: FINESSE: (Pre-K – 12) (6:1)

START: Get off the blocks faster and with more speed and power by learning techniques. Your swimmer will learn to set up on the blocks in a position that will allow them to explode forward.

FLIP TURNS: Learn to carry your momentum through the turn to get ahead of the competition every wall. Use your core and your arms to get through the turn and then plant your feet on the wall for a powerful push-off in the perfect streamline. IM stroke transitions will be addressed in this course.

UNDERWATER DOLPHIN KICKING: The dolphin kick off of the wall is the difference maker and the lead-taker technique which will give your swimmer an edge over the competition. This clinic will help your swimmer improve their technique that will improve their underwater action.

Camp Credentials

  • This program is directed by Pingry Swim Coach Deirdre O’Mara and utilizes the highly qualified aquatics staff that oversees our BBS Day Camp swim lessons.

Drop-off/Pick-up Location

Main Clocktower Entrance

What to Pack

  • swimsuit
  • towel
  • goggles
  • sandals/slides for pool deck (optional)
  • swim cap (optional)

What to Expect

Self-discipline. Sportsmanship. Teamwork. Developing skills and passions beyond the classroom.

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